Winter picnic with a surprise from the Hazells

We risked getting stuck on the unplowed roads to pull up to the Brant Tract in Paisley, Ontario. We trucked all of our props through a couple feet of snow and into a little hut where we set up shop. The snow didn’t slow down, but it made for a ridiculously dreamy photo shoot.

With this past weekend resembling a balmy Spring day, it’s hard to remember the cold covered winter days just a few weeks ago. The week before our planned shoot, the weather was pretty similar, actually. 5 degrees, the snow was melting. We were preparing to pack our rubber boots and umbrellas because we had a true Canadian warm spell in the middle of winter.

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New Year, new photography: Photo giveaway 2017

Want to win a 1 hour photo session this year? 3 ways to enter Kelsey Vere Photography’s 2017 photo giveaway.

Hello all!

It’s 2017 and this year is going to be the year that Kelsey Vere Photography makes it big! Haha, just kidding.

2017 is gonna be the year where I branch out, meet new clients, get to know my clientele, take lots of pictures, and really get a drip on my photography style.

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A special holiday gift: Baby Theo

Word of mouth is so powerful and I believe that social media is a digital form of word of mouth. That’s where people review and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s where this beautiful little family found me – through the Wetlaufers‘ who shared their experience on a Facebook buy and sell group. I was so grateful that they reached out for holiday family photos. It was my little holiday gift, knowing that my clients are talking good about me online.

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Merry Christmas from the Wettlaufers

Seasons greetings, and happy new year! From my home, to the Wettlaufers’, to yours!

Funny enough, my husband and I met Mary-Lynn in high school. A few years out of college, Mary-Lynn reached out to me inviting my husband and I to play on her and her husband, Steve’s, couples baseball team: Cleats & Cleavage. She knew that my husband was a ball player and they needed a few more players to complete their team. So, #58 and #12 we were! We had a blast and got a change to know and befriend Steve.

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Mr. + Mrs. Davis: Love, at last

The wedding of Mr. + Mrs. Davis was beautiful all around. With warm, bright autumn leaves surrounding the seeping love from each of their friends and family, the guests are sure to remember this day forever.

On November 4, 2016, two good friends of my mine solidified their love with vows and sealed it with a kiss in front of all of their closest friends and family. I had the honour of being in that room and witnessing their love as the second shooter to my very first wedding (I already wrote about the many lessons I learned that day). I owe a huge thank you to my dear friend Annie, the first shooter (from Knight Media) and close friend of the bride and groom, for giving me this opportunity and inviting me to learn from her.

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Lorrie & Johnny finally tying the knot

Camoflauge, a diamond ring, and a dip on a bridge. Love is in the air. Lorrie & Johnny are finally tying the knot.

My hair dresser, Lorrie (hit her up at Le Salon in Fairview Mall – she does fabulous work and gives the best scalp massages according to my husband), an her fiance Johnny are FINALLY tying the knot. Lorrie has been waiting for Johnny to ask her to marry him for I don’t know how long… too long!

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