Lorrie & Johnny finally tying the knot

Camoflauge, a diamond ring, and a dip on a bridge. Love is in the air. Lorrie & Johnny are finally tying the knot.


My hair dresser, Lorrie andΒ her fiancΓ© Johnny are FINALLY tying the knot. Lorrie has been waiting for Johnny to ask her to marry him for I don’t know how long… too long!

For a while, Lorrie & I were in the same boat, waiting on our boyfriends to propose. Then mine did and her and Johnny supported us at our stag & doe and she did my entire wedding party’s hair on our special day.

Photo from my wedding (not photographed by me, obviously…)

I’m so happy for Lorrie & Johnny and was honoured when she asked me to take her engagement photos. They’re getting married on a beach in May at their destination wedding. I’m totally jealous and wish I could be there. But nevertheless, I’m so grateful that I got to take their engagement photos.

We walked through Victoria Park in Kitchener for their session, stopping at the bridge where Johnny proposed for a quick ‘dip.’ Here are a few of my favourites.

‘Tis the season for engagements! :)


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