A special holiday gift: Baby Theo

Word of mouth is so powerful and I believe that social media is a digital form of word of mouth. That’s where people review and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s where this beautiful little family found me – through the Wetlaufers‘ who shared their experience on a Facebook buy and sell group. I was so grateful that they reached out for holiday family photos. It was my little holiday gift, knowing that my clients are talking good about me online.

This little family had a special holiday gift of their own! Baby Theo is 3 weeks old. To celebrate his arrival before Christmas, Theo’s family and I did a family photo shoot last weekend. Here’s a few of my favourite shots. <3

nadia-rami-theo-9 nadia-rami-theo-12 nadia-rami-theo-21 nadia-rami-theo-28 nadia-rami-theo-34 nadia-rami-theo-35 nadia-rami-theo-38 nadia-rami-theo-41 nadia-rami-theo-45 nadia-rami-theo-48 nadia-rami-theo-53 nadia-rami-theo-56 nadia-rami-theo-59 nadia-rami-theo-63 nadia-rami-theo-65 nadia-rami-theo-74 nadia-rami-theo-76 nadia-rami-theo-79

What a precious gift to bless this family for the holidays.

Happy Holidays, everyone!



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