Merry Christmas from the Wettlaufers

Seasons greetings, and happy new year! From my home, to the Wettlaufers’, to yours!


Funny enough, my husband and I met Mary-Lynn in high school. A few years out of college, Mary-Lynn reached out to me inviting my husband and I to play on her and her husband, Steve’s, couples baseball team: Cleats & Cleavage. She knew that my husband was a ball player and they needed a few more players to complete their team. So, #58 and #12 we were! We had a blast and got a change to know and befriend Steve.

9-ish months later, Henry was born! I was so honoured when Mary-Lynn reached out for a holiday photo shoot. For one, their family is absolutely adorable and I knew I’d have such a blast photographing them. And for two, I’d been dying to do a holiday photo shoot with someone. Just the thought of playing with the different lighting that comes from Christmas lights and ornaments had me so excited.

You can only take so many photos of your husband and your dog in front of the Christmas tree. ;)

I think you’ll be just as excited as I am when you see some of the photos. Here’s some of my favourites!

Merry Christmas to all!


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