About Kelsey

I’m Kelsey – the lady behind the lens at Kelsey Vere Photography. That’s me ^^^. My friend, Kendra from Life’s Little Moments Photography, took that photo of me on Thanksgiving 2016 (thanks girl!). Here’s a few others:

I love taking photos. Ever since I got my first cell phone with a camera in grade 10, I’ve admired photography. I enrolled in a photography course in high school and learned how to develop negatives, the rule of thirds, and the importance of getting up close and personal with your subject. Then, I got my first DSLR for Christmas (thanks Dad!).

I have to admit, I used my DSLR on auto mode for years! I was just so overwhelmed with all of the features and jargon with photography. In recent years I’ve decided it’s now or never. If I don’t teach myself the ins and outs of photography, I’ll never reach my dream of having a photography studio and regular clientele as a side gig.

I’m still using my very first DSLR camera today, learning exactly how to use a professional camera before I upgrade my lens and invest in new, fancy equipment. I’m hoping my skills and my wallet will grow in parallel so I can update my equipment as I go. That’s the dream.

Capturing the raw, “candid” moments of life is what I love most. Those are the shots that tell stories. I also love the effects that sunlight have on photos during delicate moments like the golden hour. It casts a warm, soft screen across that precious moment in time. It makes memories look as dreamy as they feel in real life, sometimes even dreamier. That’s what I want to dedicate the core of my photography journey to: capturing candid moments of people in soft sunlight.

I’m still learning what type of photography I like most. I’ve done engagement shoots, portraits, newborn shoots, small and large family shoots (including those with furry family members), soon-to-be a few weddings, and a ton of selfies (#sorrynotsorry). I’d love your help honing in on my photography passion.

Interested? Book me.


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