Will I receive the print release rights to my photos?

You have print release rights to all of the photos you receive. I don’t believe in limiting your ability to print the photos you paid me to take.

Can you get rid of my double chin?

No. I’m not in the business of changing your appearance. I believe you should love the body you’re in. However, I do understand that certain angles can be unflattering to the body and I will address this during shooting.

Can you photoshop the pimple on my forehead?

Yes. I will enhance your photos to get rid of some basic unwanted things such as flyaway hairs, whiten teeth, smooth skin, reduce redness in the face, cover up acne, etc. However, again, I am not in the business of changing your appearance. I won’t edit a photo to the point where you no longer look like yourself.

How many photos will I get?

I don’t believe in refusing you the beautiful photos you paid me to take. Unlike traditional photographers, I won’t force you to choose your favourite 10 photos and forget the rest, or charge you ridiculous amounts to buy the rest of the photos I took. Rather, I will allow you to keep ALL of the viable photos I take. That means, I’ll delete all the blinking shots, shots with hair in your face, blurry photos, and outtakes (unless they’re SUPER funny, then I’ll send those too), and I’ll give you the rest.

So why does my packages say “30+” photos? Well, because I estimate the number of photos you’re likely to receive based on the shooting time for the session. Sessions that require more props + prep work, or sessions with less shooting time, will in turn result in less photos. However, you will receive the majority of the photos we take.

How long does it take for me to get all my photos back?

This entirely depends on the package you purchase. Wedding photos can take a month to edit, while a 1-hour session can take 1 week. I’ll definitely be upfront about this before you purchase a package with me.

Will I get any sneak peaks?

You betcha! You’ll get a handful of sneak peaks, depending on the size of your session, within 48 hours. These photos will have my logo wordmark in the corner, but don’t worry, you’ll get the full image, logo-free, with the rest of the photos in your final package.

How will I receive my photos?

You’ll receive your photos in an online drive. If you’re not tech-savvy, no worries! It’s super simple. I’ve also made this video to guide you through downloading your photos. Please note: It’s SUPER important that you download all of your photos and store them on your own device (your computer, a USB stick, burn them onto a CD, or even an external hard drive. Or a few of these options if you want to be sure they’ll never get lost!). I do not guarantee that I will store your photos forever. The folder I deliver your photos to you with is only temporary and as my business needs shift, I may need to move them off the cloud. Therefore, you need to ensure you’ve stored your photos somewhere safe.

Why do I deliver them via an online drive? Well, because:

  • You’ll receive them instantaneously. You don’t have to wait for them to be shipped.
  • There’s no risk of them getting damaged in the mail.
  • You can view them on ANY device.

Can you deliver my photos in a different format than online drive?

Absolutely. But, this may cost extra, so please discuss this with me ahead of time.

Can I get an 8×10 and a 4×6 copy of my photos?

I’m a photographer, not a print shop. I’m not in the business of printing your photos. However, I can suggest some exceptional local print shops that will print your high-resolution images with a great quality product.

I want that baby photo where the hands are propping the head up.

Because I’m not specialized as a newborn photographer, I don’t have a studio or any of the professional gear that a newborn photographer would use to capture these images. Without the right gear and assistance, photos like this are extremely dangerous to capture. Instead, my newborn sessions focus more on the family and the lifestyle of the baby and his or her new home.
See a holiday-inspired example here.

When should I schedule my newborn session?

Typically, I like to schedule newborn sessions when the baby is between 2 and 4 weeks old. Whenever Mom is feeling most comfortable and baby is in enough of a routine where we can work around feeding time.

Have a question I didn’t answer here? Send me a message or leave a comment below.


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